Wednesday, May 7, 2008

12 hours

I wrote this earlier this evening longhand.

Paul left this morning.

Isabelle crumbled at first but rallied and had a good day at Apple Tree, a picnic supper and lots of fun at Tumblebugs.

Now we are at hospital - arrived shortly before 8 pm - it is now almost 10:30 and we haven't seen the doctor yet.

I have an eye in my nose she said on the drive home from Tumblebugs. I heard "I". I didn't understand her. We got home - she was tired, cranky and dirty. To the tub said I. There's something in my nose said she. Sure enough there was. I couldn't get it out - not that I tried that hard. I just returned Paul's call with a quick I'm going to the hospital and put everyone in the car.

As we sat waiting she explained it was an eye - you know one of those craft googly eyes and it is way up there.

She fell asleep before 10 - still sound asleep while we wait. Leaving time for me to think - I managed just over 12 hours without Paul before things went haywire. Sure, she could have done this anyway - and, on the plus side, Maggie did get a huge walk while Isabelle as at Tumblebugs. But really - this time without Paul can only get better, right?

Paul will be home in a little over a week, I think I am starting to countdown.

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