Friday, May 30, 2008

All Done

Tuesday the packers continued to pack - it was a warm day but they were finished mid-afternoon. We had time to pick up Isabelle and Maggie and have pizza with mum and dad in Wolfville before Isabelle's swimming class. We also gave a freezer away through freecycle. Just posted the give away in the morning and by four o'clock it was gone. We did the same with the vintage stove we had and also some furniture in the winter. It is a great way to get rid of stuff!

The plan originally was to have the movers in on Wednesday to load the truck but plans changed and they couldn't make it until Thursday. Paul negotiated having the moving company get cleaners in since I knew I wasn't available on Friday. In the end Wednesday was a quiet day, mum and I cleaned up a few things including the fridge and our dying fish (RIP Eli), had lunch at Between the Bushes and had a walk in Canning while Isabelle was at Tumblebugs. When we got home we watched Death at a Funeral - a fun British comedy.

Thursday the movers arrived at 9:30 after I dashed downtown to photocopy all sorts of paperwork for the moving company, myself and a copy to leave here in case everyone else loses theirs! They worked steadily until 5:00. I made trips to the waste resource management centre (dump), timmy's and picked up Isabelle from day care, her last day. I thought it was important for her to see the truck and the empty house. Then I signed another bunch of paperwork and we took a picture of the truck leaving at 5:22pm.

Today we came to Halifax for a family thing - lots of people at the house and a phone call to say that all had gone well with the closing...phew! Now I rest for a week, run a few errands and then head out to SC with Isabelle. Maggie and good friend Taryn.

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