Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Julie & Peace

Tonight when Isabelle was colouring she said “Mummy, I’m going to colour this peace sign purple.” I said OK. Then, I asked how she knew it was a peace sign – she said Julie told her about peace signs. Julie babysat Isabelle last year but she is studying in France now – one of the few downsides to the school, the graduating students have to be a long way from their families to continue their education. I think Isabelle misses seeing her around the school – remember when you were little and one of the ‘big’ kids actually spoke to you – it was pretty cool, right?

Anyway, Paul pipes up that Dar Williams sings an appropriate song (well, not all of it!). So here it is, and maybe Julie will see it and think of Isabelle. Hmmm, maybe Isabelle should draw a picture to send to Julie – remember when you were at college and got real mail – that was pretty cool too!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Isabelle’s Birthday Cake

Hard to believe I have a 6 year old! And there is no doubt – she has had 5 celebrations this year – two in Nova Scotia before her birthday, one at school on her birthday, one at home on her birthday and today a joint party with her classmate Dorian at our pool. Unfortunately, Paul missed every one – but don’t feel too sorry for him, check out his latest blog entry!

Anyway, channelling Tante Rhea and with A LOT of help from Google and Radia I made the cake for today. I wanted to make something appropriate for both a boy and a girl and to tie in the pool party was also a goal. So, here it is – thanks to Radia also for taking pictures of the making of the cake.


2 – 9 x13 chocolate cake (Radia says not chocolate cake, it is so hard to frost with white icing. She was right!


Cut out a chunk out of the top cake


Line the hole with a thin layer of fondant.


Prepare two boxes of blue Jell-O with half the water.


Ice the top and sides of the cake or start to make such a mess of it that Radia does it for you! THANK YOU RADIA, you are a lifesaver!


Pour Jell-O into the hole. I used less than half.


So, do you see it now?


And on to the fun part.


In retrospect, I wouldn’t do the fondant/Jell-O part the day before.


The cake decorated – the lane dividers didn't really work – they rolled around too much (I needed a Paul solution.)


You can see where the fondant dissolved overnight – I don't think the kids noticed though!



Dorian was quite anxious to get to the cake part – I hope he liked it.


The birthday girl and boy – Valerie (Dorian's mother) got this great picture of them blowing out the candles.