Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Snow Day

P3021799 As of 8:20pm, Isabelle’s school has been cancelled for Tuesday. So early night here so I can keep her busy tomorrow. Today was a good day, Isabelle was up and dressed to go outside before I could drag myself out of bed. She even got herself yogurt for breakfast! Then we went off to the ball field in the subdivision where everyone was sliding on the berm. After three runs (not even equal to one run down Gorsebrook or Berger Hill), she was wet and cold and ready to go home.

This afternoon she spent quite a while out front with the older girls who were negotiating the rules of engagement for a snow ball fight. Lots of rules – not many snowballs.

She did have her swim lesson this afternoon. All and all we had a pretty tired girl on our hands tonight.

Plans for tomorrow – maybe some baking, maybe a trip to the pool, maybe a trip to the library, maybe Maggie will get to the dog park – it will all depend on the state of the roads.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day

By 8:30 tonight, Isabelle’s school was listed on the local source for school cancellations. So, after three rainy days, Isabelle, Maggie and I will be home again tomorrow.

Why you ask? Well, this is what the back deck looked like just moments ago.P3021791OK, nothing like the winter Nova Scotia has had so far but enough for us to get out the sleds and try to building snowmen!

Lincoln – A Four Year Old’s View

A few weeks ago Isabelle had a long weekend with President’s Day on Monday and a day off on Friday since she didn’t have school cancelled due to snow/ice. On Friday, we went to Charlotte, NC and visited the Discovery Place. A large portion of the building was closed for construction but there was a display about circuses which was apt since we had just seen the circus in Greenville. You could even walk the high wire and go on a trapeze although Isabelle was to small and neither Paul nor I ventured to try it.

P2131743President’s Day coincides with Lincoln’s birthday (did you know he was born the same year as Darwin?) and Isabelle learned about Lincoln in school. And it must have stuck, one day we were listening to a radio piece about Lincoln and Darwin and Isabelle piped up that Lincoln stopped slavery. I asked her what slavery was but she didn’t have a grasp of that. She did say that some people wanted slavery and some didn’t. We asked what happened to people who didn’t – she said they had to move away which is an interesting interpretation of secession.

This week she learned about George Washington…now I guess I have to work on some Canadian content…should I start with the alcoholic MacDonald or the occult loving MacKenzie King?