Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Snow Day

P3021799 As of 8:20pm, Isabelle’s school has been cancelled for Tuesday. So early night here so I can keep her busy tomorrow. Today was a good day, Isabelle was up and dressed to go outside before I could drag myself out of bed. She even got herself yogurt for breakfast! Then we went off to the ball field in the subdivision where everyone was sliding on the berm. After three runs (not even equal to one run down Gorsebrook or Berger Hill), she was wet and cold and ready to go home.

This afternoon she spent quite a while out front with the older girls who were negotiating the rules of engagement for a snow ball fight. Lots of rules – not many snowballs.

She did have her swim lesson this afternoon. All and all we had a pretty tired girl on our hands tonight.

Plans for tomorrow – maybe some baking, maybe a trip to the pool, maybe a trip to the library, maybe Maggie will get to the dog park – it will all depend on the state of the roads.

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Taryn said...

Did you call here last night? I can't believe I missed your call again! I was out with the Hound in the FREEZING RAIN. Your snow is much prettier :)