Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break Part I

Last week was spring break for Isabelle. The start of the week was quiet and the weather cool. Paul was off Monday, we had play dates on Tuesday and Wednesday and mostly stayed close to home.

I wanted to go to Columbia one day (see Part II) which was dictated by the availability of doggie daycare so that was set for Friday. Thursday morning we headed to the dog park to give Maggie a good run so we could leave her home in the afternoon while we went for haircuts. Unfortunately our usual place was booked (I hadn’t counted on all the people getting their hair cut before Easter weekend), so we headed down Woodruff Road. Now, let me assure you that there are no shortage of hair salons here – for men, for women, the spa style salons and the quick, no-appointment needed places. For some reason I decided to take Isabelle to a kid’s place, the first one we came to was Snip Its.

Well, Isabelle must have thought she’d died and gone to heaven. It was bright and cheerful with books and crayons and a movie playing in the waiting area. I wondered if it was all gimmick but was thrilled to see that Isabelle’s stylist had very curly hair,if nothing else, she would know how to deal with Isabelle’s curly locks.

Isabelle played a computer game while she had her hair cut and was rewarded with a prize when the cut was finished.

As you can see below, it was a successful haircut. Isabelle had her hair washed, cut and styled, complete with a new clip. The stylist could tell Isabelle's hair was very dry - partly since she spends a lot of time in the pool and made some shampoo and conditioner recommendations (bye-bye, Johnson's no-more-tears). All in all, it was definitely the best cut she has had in SC and maybe even the best ever.



Taryn said...

Cutie patootie!Keep your eye on the mailbox, Isabelle. Thank you for the lovely birthday card!

D said...

very cute
maybe i should try there