Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break Part II

I have been looking forward to visiting Columbia again since I heard that there was to be a visiting exhibition of Impressionist Art – From Turner to Cezanne. Greenville has a wonderful art gallery with a big collection of Andrew Wyeth. Isabelle has enjoyed a few visits there so I thought she might also enjoy the Impressionists.

She wasn’t really keen on going to the exhibit but with the promise of lunch out and a trip to the zoo to see the baby giraffe she, reluctantly, agreed to the trip.

Finding the gallery and, more importantly, a parking spot was easy and by 11am we were entering the gallery. The paintings on display are part of the collection of Gwendoline and Margaret Davies which is in the National Museum Wales. With 53 paintings, the exhibit was small enough to hold Isabelle’s attention. She was enthralled with the “lady in the blue dress”. There were also a few paintings of Venice and we talked about the canals and gondolas which I think was interesting for her.

After about an hour and a half at the gallery (there was a reading area about halfway through including some children’s books), we were off to find lunch. Isabelle’s choice was Roly Poly, she heard someone talking about it. She wasn’t thrilled with her grilled cheese but would have demolished my Chicken CordonBleu (Sliced Chicken Breast, Baked Ham, Melted Swiss, Mushrooms, Tomato, Fresh Basil Mayo) if I had given her the chance. Yet, another place where her taste is beyond the basic kid’s menu!

Next, it was off to the zoo. We read about a baby giraffe a few weeks ago and Isabelle has been asking to go ever since. It was a beautiful day and we weren’t alone at the zoo. There were long lines for pony and train rides and the giraffe feeding was long over but we could see the gorillas better and the lions were awake, just barely.

And we saw the giraffe! Mission accomplished. A quick ride on the merry-go-round and home to Greenville in time for dinner.






Taryn said...

You are such an awesome Mom, Jane :) I love the pic of Isabelle pointing to the Lady.

Jane said...

Actuallly, that is not Isabelle's finger - seeing the gorilla must be a big deal because the whole area was really crowded - lots of little pointy fingers!

Rhea said...

I had to look a few times before I figured out what that was! Wow, that gorilla was really close!!