Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So much to say, so little time

So, I just found this post I didn't post in the fall. Maybe it will spur me on to do a few more...

We have had a busy few months. Paul had a trip to Alaska while Isabelle and I did the road home to Nova Scotia on our own. We had about a month visiting cousins, grandparents, a few friends and managed to get 3 nights at Milford House. There are just some things I need and those nights at Milford were a priority!

Now we are almost a month into a new school year - second grade (memories of Tower Road School and Miss Durling fill my head). Isabelle has all new teachers and a lite more emphasis on French language (60/40 rather than 50/50). I just hope I can keep keeping up with her! A big thing for this year is the second through fifth graders go to camp each September - this year they went to Camp Greenville which is right on the north caolina border. She left last Monday morning and arrived back on Wednesday afternoon in a heap of exhaustion. I think it took most of the week and weekend to recover but since I was in Milwaukee Paul had to bear the brunt of it.

I had another weekend of judging this time in Milwaukee - no I didn't see the Fonz but I did see some fine exhibits. Unfortunately, like a lot of my stamp weekends, I didn't get to see a lot the downtown but enough to know I should go back.  
Meanwhile, Isabelle is busy with art and tennis lessons and she is also trying to swim twice a week - yes, after her success this summer, she has decided to try the year-round swimming thing.

So, that is a little update on life here in SC.