Sunday, March 30, 2008

Time Flies

Not quite sure where the time goes - I'm not even sure I can remember much of last week - a holiday, three days of work, one evening meeting and my day off. Pretty much the usual. Except I handed in my resignation letter, this is my second permanent job and the second one I have resigned from to move with Paul. A little scary since our plan right now is for me to stay home until Isabelle and Maggie are settled but I have a long list of things I have been wanting to do so this is my chance.

Saturday was just packed - headed to a cabane a sucre with D. in the morning. This was something I wanted to do with Isabelle before we left Canada. Before we left, we read a book about one and when we got there it looked like it was right out of the book complete with a sleigh ride through snow covered trees. D. was kind enough to let us quiz her about her new vehicle - Paul has sold his truck and we are looking at a Jeep Patriot. I wanted something smaller for fuel economy but surprisingly the Patriot is better on gas than a Rabbit! Since we are going to the US, we can purchase a car through a company which helps with financing and insurance, since we have no history in the US, but they only deal with limited companies. It is roomier than the Forester although Maggie will have less space in the back.

When we arrived home, M & D were in Wolfville cleaning up so we headed over there to lend a hand. Arrived home just in time to throw a roast beef in the oven with a new-to-us sideboard for the kitchen.

Today, we moved few few more things from Wolfville and then headed out to Ross Farm with A & S. No crafts for the girls today but lambs, more maple syrup and lots of running around.
No bites on the house yet but we have had a couple more viewings. Paul is going home next weekend, then we are off to NL for a few days, the two weekends after that may be quiet, then I go to Ottawa for a weekend and Paul head out to the US on May 7th. My plan is to drive down after May 30th - although things may change depending on the house sale and Paul's work schedule. Hard to believe it is coming up so fast.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a Week!

Short version since last update - work, swimming, trip to Ross Farm, more work, presentation at an adaptive reuse conference in Yarmouth, time in Saulnierville and Carleton, back home, David Myles concert in East Margaretsville, Spring Fair for Isabelle's day care (Kids On Sugar), more swimming and Easter Sunday dinner and overnight in Halifax.

The David Myles concert was great. We went with 5 friends and yes, we took Isabelle. Paul was concerned she would think it was too loud but for those of you who have heard David Myles, you know his music is not too loud. We threw in her earmuffs (Paul got them because she likes to help him with woodworking) and she wore them some of the time. Evergreen Theatre is a great venue - it is an old Baptist Church now used as a concert hall. We have seen David Myles, Charlies A'Court, Joel Plaskett and Lennie Gallant there. They also have the Middleton band selling dessert as a fundraiser - mmmm chocolate cake and brownies.

On the house end, we have only had two viewings but have been told not to be concerned since we had two bad weather weekends and March Break. I was surprised to have two viewings on Easter weekend.

So, Paul heads to the US at the beginning of May and tentatively, I go at the end. That gives him almost a month to find somewhere for us to live, he will live in a apartment for the first bit. Today, it was suggested that since he will be sending me pictures of potential homes, I could post them here and you could vote on where we should live! The point was made that it will have to be suitable for our guests and they should have a say.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Inspections and Appraisals

Since we are selling the house as part of a work move, there are extra steps. While I am busy at work with three night meetings this week, Paul is meeting with a house inspector and two appraisers. I think we have finished all the work on the house and Paul is looking a little lost, not quite sure what to do with himself. We are just trying to keep the clutter under control so when we get a call for a showing we are ready.

On the weekend, we had friends over for rappie pie. Amanda has Acadian roots and has been after us to make it for her, we introduced Mona and Graham to it as well. It went pretty well considering rappie pie isn't necessarily the most appetizing looking meal for the uninitiated.

Just got word from Nevada that Owen has arrived, congratulations! A trip to Reno is high on my list after the move to SC!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Sign is Up

After another weekend of furiously painting, flooring and general tidying/cleaning, our house is for sale. The sign went up between 4:30 and 5:00 this afternoon.

On Saturday, we made a run to Halifax to get fabric to recover two chairs and a couch and ended up staying overnight. The weather got nasty and we were planning on staying late to have Thai take-out anyway. It was nice to spend some time with my parents and see my grandparents too. When we got home, there was time to play outside, unfortunately it wasn't good snowman snow.
In other exciting news, we are all going to Newfoundland for a weekend in April. Westjet was running a great seat sale so we jumped on it. I haven't been to Newfoundland since, well it must have been Bob and Joanne's wedding and we stayed with Paul's sister so forever ago! Hopefully, Isabelle will get to see icebergs and Cape Spear maybe even the Fluvarium. She will also see where mummy and papa used to live!

On the way home from day care today, Isabelle told me to pull into a driveway where there wasn't a car. I asked her why. She said "Mummy, we are moving to a different house." Explaining that the new house is in a different town, different province/state, different country should be interesting!