Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Inspections and Appraisals

Since we are selling the house as part of a work move, there are extra steps. While I am busy at work with three night meetings this week, Paul is meeting with a house inspector and two appraisers. I think we have finished all the work on the house and Paul is looking a little lost, not quite sure what to do with himself. We are just trying to keep the clutter under control so when we get a call for a showing we are ready.

On the weekend, we had friends over for rappie pie. Amanda has Acadian roots and has been after us to make it for her, we introduced Mona and Graham to it as well. It went pretty well considering rappie pie isn't necessarily the most appetizing looking meal for the uninitiated.

Just got word from Nevada that Owen has arrived, congratulations! A trip to Reno is high on my list after the move to SC!

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D said...

Pictures of the House on mls look great