Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a Week!

Short version since last update - work, swimming, trip to Ross Farm, more work, presentation at an adaptive reuse conference in Yarmouth, time in Saulnierville and Carleton, back home, David Myles concert in East Margaretsville, Spring Fair for Isabelle's day care (Kids On Sugar), more swimming and Easter Sunday dinner and overnight in Halifax.

The David Myles concert was great. We went with 5 friends and yes, we took Isabelle. Paul was concerned she would think it was too loud but for those of you who have heard David Myles, you know his music is not too loud. We threw in her earmuffs (Paul got them because she likes to help him with woodworking) and she wore them some of the time. Evergreen Theatre is a great venue - it is an old Baptist Church now used as a concert hall. We have seen David Myles, Charlies A'Court, Joel Plaskett and Lennie Gallant there. They also have the Middleton band selling dessert as a fundraiser - mmmm chocolate cake and brownies.

On the house end, we have only had two viewings but have been told not to be concerned since we had two bad weather weekends and March Break. I was surprised to have two viewings on Easter weekend.

So, Paul heads to the US at the beginning of May and tentatively, I go at the end. That gives him almost a month to find somewhere for us to live, he will live in a apartment for the first bit. Today, it was suggested that since he will be sending me pictures of potential homes, I could post them here and you could vote on where we should live! The point was made that it will have to be suitable for our guests and they should have a say.

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Taryn said...

I love the voting idea!