Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Julie & Peace

Tonight when Isabelle was colouring she said “Mummy, I’m going to colour this peace sign purple.” I said OK. Then, I asked how she knew it was a peace sign – she said Julie told her about peace signs. Julie babysat Isabelle last year but she is studying in France now – one of the few downsides to the school, the graduating students have to be a long way from their families to continue their education. I think Isabelle misses seeing her around the school – remember when you were little and one of the ‘big’ kids actually spoke to you – it was pretty cool, right?

Anyway, Paul pipes up that Dar Williams sings an appropriate song (well, not all of it!). So here it is, and maybe Julie will see it and think of Isabelle. Hmmm, maybe Isabelle should draw a picture to send to Julie – remember when you were at college and got real mail – that was pretty cool too!


Anonymous said...

Oh my. A little melancholy. I'm glad she went to college!
PS-Love that you are posting again!

Sophie et Serge said...

So cute, so nice! Julie will be really touched, and I am sure she misses Isabelle too... Love from us all.

Four said...

Adorable. Send her a drawing. She'll love it!

Gertie said...

The video is adorable. :-)