Thursday, May 22, 2008


May has been a busy month - my sister had her 30th birthday, my grandmother had her 97th birthday and we had our 7th anniversary (apart) and on Wednesday, Isabelle and I went to celebrate my grandfather's 101st birthday. We call him Grumpy, not that he is but that is what I decided to call him when I was little and it stuck. Dad commented there are only 98 years between Grumpy and Isabelle - amazing really.

We have had some great evenings with friends and family as we prepare to move. It is great to have the company and distraction from the packing and other preparations and, of course, the meals were fantastic. I hope we can reciprocate in South Carolina.

Tomorrow the movers arrive to prepack. Paul has been home for over a week and will head back on Wednesday. Isabelle, Maggie and I will be around until June 8th when we embark on the big roadtrip. Our friend Taryn has kindly offered to come along for the trip - other friends offered too and I will definitely be taking them up on the offer at some point since I likely will be driving back and forth more than Paul. Unfortunately, we don't have a laptop so may be incommunicado for the trip.

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