Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Friday was Paul's birthday. Isabelle decided he wanted chocolate cake but said she would only eat white cake. Two cakes seemed like too much but in the end it worked out perfectly, almost...
Singing Bonne Fete with Tante Rhea (she is on the phone)

On Saturday, both sets of grandparents arrived to visit. Paul's parents brought lobster. We called T to join us. I should tell you that eating lobster has taken on a new dimension since Paul arrived on the scene in 1993. Before that, eating lobster was a rare occurrence and was usually marked by grunting and huffing and sometimes even implements usually left in the garden shed or the workshop. Now, when I set the table for lobster there are a bunch of paring knives and, well, besides seating Paul and his dad at opposite ends of the table, that is about it.

Taryn, seated by Pappi, received training in the ways of eating lobster, including the tail fins and the proper procedure for cracking the tail. I think she found meat she never knew existed. By the end of the evening, she was a old pro. Thanks to B and D for bringing the lobster. I must say this winter we have had the best lobster and this was the best of the best. Some of the lobsters were so full you could hardly get the meat out. Wonder what the lobster is like in SC?After the lobster, we got into the cake and ice cream, it was a good thing we had two! Sunday morning, Pappi and Paul went off to do some errands and arrived back to clean up around the house and make burgers for lunch. Cake was much anticipated by the grandfathers but just as we were starting to clean up we got a call for a viewing that afternoon. The cake was abandoned and all hands were pressed into action to tidy up the house. In protest, the grandfathers made a quick exit. We are still hearing about it! I promise to make another cake when the house sells!

We had two more viewings today. One was a no; the other is thinking. Hopefully, the thinking will turn into something.

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Taryn said...

I laughed OUT LOUD! Great pics! I need these.

I love the last photo of Paul and Isabelle :)