Friday, April 4, 2008

home alone

Paul and Isabelle are off to the french shore for the weekend. I am staying home.

I should have a list as long as my arm of things to do around the house but I don't. If the rain holds off Maggie and I will go for a big walk. There are things to be returned to the library and there is vacuuming and laundry to be done to keep the house ready for showing.

I am going to put together my collection of Milford House post cards to send to the Tent Dwellers Festival. Since we are leaving, I won't get to participate in the Festival but at least I can contribute.

We may get a week at Milford this summer, my longest stay since I worked there. I can't wait. I relax when I see these pictures. It's funny, I have heard cicadas lots of places but they never sound the same as they do at Milford. Last summer, we stayed in the cabin I stayed in as a kid and I watched Isabelle hunting for frogs in the same places I used to and I suppose where my mother did too. I'm happy we have a place where she can run around doing kid things - no TV or computer. Milford isn't for everyone but I know G & R and T enjoy their time there as much as we do. I had a lovely evening visiting with T. You have to appreciate a friend who appreciates your quirks. Now, off to bed with a book, maybe Maggie will let me sleep in tomorrow!

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Taryn said...

And you have to appreciate a friend who appreciates that might need a friend when you are feeling low. Thank you for last night, Jane.