Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Time is Flying

Paul and Isabelle had fun in Clare, Paul got in lots of kayaking. There is a lot of water in the rivers so perhaps it wasn't as challenging as he anticipated but he still got wet a few times. Meanwhile, I had a quiet weekend at home, complete with dinner at Tempest with T and D. Our appetizers were amazing (mussels, calamari, scallops and warm chickpea, artichoke and shrimp salad) but none of us felt the mains were as good.
There has definitely been a change in the weather so we have been out in the garden and for long dog walks. The good weather also means that Isabelle spends more time outside at daycare and comes home EXHAUSTED. She really can be a beast when she is tired and hungry, wonder where she gets that?

Last night we had friends in for rappie pie, T. came over on Monday to help make it and kindly took it home to put in her programmable oven so it would be ready when we all arrived home from work. Isabelle has a great time with T. This is what Isabelle looks like when she is listening to T., that "everything you say is fascinating and extremely important" look. Last week, T. showed her the difference between a maple leaf and an oak leaf, now every time Isabelle sees a leaf (which is often since we are cleaning up the yard) she tries to identify it. Now, if Paul or I tried to show her this she would totally ignore us but not T. Can't wait for T. to visit us in SC!

Paul leaves for SC a month from today with orders to find a house for us to move into in June and to check out a preschool for Isabelle. I get to close up things here - the house, the movers, banking, medical records. I have registered Isabelle for Tumblebugs two nights a week and swimming once a week so we will be busy.

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