Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another Week

I can't believe it had been well over a week since my last entry. We had lots of snow here last week - something I won't miss in South Carolina! After being home on Monday, Tuesday was a long day with an evening meeting and Wednesday my office closed at 1pm due to the weather. Unfortunately, as I carefully drove home, some idiot decided to pass me and the car ahead. I was fine but the car ahead of me went out of control on the bridge at Avonport/Hortonville and hit the bridge. The other driver was shaken but OK and her car was not drivable. The car that caused the accident didn't stop. So, I waited with her for a bit and then drove her to Hortonville where she met the tow truck. Amanda and Brian happened to see us on the highway and stopped to see if everything was OK - it is nice to have such good friends.

Paul and I had agreed not to do anything for the 14th but our new camera arrived so we had something to open after dinner. Here are the first pictures - not great but we still need to figure out all the bells and whistles.

Friday, we were off to the pool again. The new camera is waterproof, so I thought I would try it.

Paul's sister, who was supposed to BC on Wednesday, postponed her trip until Sunday so Paul's family arrived on Saturday. I spent the morning making auction lots for the Valley Stamp Show - I cleared out a fair bit of stuff, no sense moving it.

On Sunday, Paul's parents took Isabelle home with them. This has given us a chance to get some things tidied up in the evenings and we have had painters in to fix up a few rooms. We could have done it ourselves but it would have taken ages trying to paint after Isabelle goes to bed.

Not much on the moving front, we have been given a few websites to look for rental housing and expect to hear about selling our house tomorrow.

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