Monday, February 25, 2008

Wanna buy a house?

The process of selling our house has started. It is quite involved since it is through a relocation company but it should be on the market in the next week or so, we hope. Here are some pictures:

Paul and I spent the weekend finishing a lot of projects and cleaning from top to bottom. Today was the first visit from a realtor and she suggested three things. Paint our "not ensuite bathroom", put a new floor in the downstairs half-bath and make the front door the main entrance for showings. Well, the last one is easy - just have to keep the walkway shovelled. The second one isn't too bad - we think we have enough flooring left over from the upstairs bathroom reno to do it and luckily we chose a neutral colour. The first suggestion is major. For those of you who haven't been to the house, there is a room off our closet which has the plumbing for a full bath although no fixtures. We never did anything with it except use it for storage so it needs to be painted and some cracks filled, generally tarted up. The hardest part will be moving everything out to do the work but it will look a lot better.

Tomorrow another realtor visits - wonder what suggestions there will be!

Isabelle had a great time in Clare last week visiting with cousins and friends but I think we all were happy to have her home, even Maggie. She was a big help this weekend - she spent a lot of time in the basement measuring things for Papa.


Taryn said...

Great pics, Jane!

D said...

Maggie was the big help or Isabelle?