Friday, February 8, 2008

Off to see the cousins

We are in Saulnierville over night - just enough time to see the cousins, cousin Sam and Tante Rhea are home for a week from BC, and hit a few Frenchy's. There's something I will miss in SC. Wonder if there are places there where you can buy a huge bag of clothes for under $30? With Isabelle growing and being so hard on clothes at daycare - it doesn't make sense to me to pay a lot for things.

We had busy day today. Swimming in the morning (lanes for me; lessons for Isabelle). Lunch and library with friends and errands before picking Paul up from work and driving to la Butte a Thom. We even hit Frenchy's in Saint Bernard on the way.

No more news on the move. We have to wait a bit yet to contact a realtor but that gives us some time since we are having some painting done later this month. We could do it ourselves but it would take quite a few nights of painting from 8 until 10 to get it done and someone else can just come in for two days and it will be done.

Looks like we are going to have a rough night. Maggie is beside herself when we are here and never sleeps well and Isabelle seems to be quite wound up. So I will sign off now to get the first shift of sleep.

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