Monday, February 4, 2008

Here we go!

Well, three words which mean a whole lot right now.

Here we go on this blog.

Here we go on a great new adventure.

Here we go from the life and friends we have here.

Here we go to a new place, new friends and new experiences.

I am going to try this blogging thing to keep everyone up to date on our latest adventure.

For those of you who don't already know, we are moving to Greenville, South Carolina. P. has been transferred for work and will be released from his job here early in May.

We are not sure when the move will actually happen since we haven't put the house on the market yet. Every day I think of more things that have to be done here and more questions about life there. Along with that, we are having a huge clean-up. We are not minimalists but we are definitely going to pare down our lives.

As I write this it occurs to me that moving is really new to me. Sure, I went away for university and then worked in St John's, Labrador City and Port Hawkesbury but through all those moves Halifax was really my home base. This is OUR first house, it is where we were married, it is where we brought our daughter home.

I don't feel sad (yet) about leaving this house because for me those memories aren't tied to the house but to us. What I do feel sad and apprehensive about is leaving the familiar - obviously friends and family - but also the library where we know the librarians, Isabelle's day care, the pool, stamp club, kayaking and camping places, Ross Farm, places to let Maggie run... I know we will find those things in Greenville - it just may take a bit of time.

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Taryn said...

Congratulations on taking the plunge, Jane! It is a great way to get your news out :)