Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Grumpy, Michael Buble and Paris Mountain

Paul is in Ireland so the girls and I are on our own. Things have been pretty smooth - with the exception of a call from Isabelle's teacher about her fidgity-ness at school and the Friday morning call from mum.

The call was not unexpected, Grumpy was 101. He was walking to school when the Halifax Explosion occurred, he was overseas during WWII, he was retired when I was born and was retired for longer than he worked. He was Grumpy to almost everyone - a few called him Mr. Bayne or Mr. B. The moniker was my fault, as the first grandchild, but he never lived up to it. Grumpy taught me to play cribbage, provided an endless supply of Archie comics and other "funny papers", and treated us to glubs-glubs (chocolate wafers with marshmallow covered in chocolate, hold the jam) and lots of other things my mother wouldn't have brought in the house (remember the pack of mini-cereal boxes mostly the sugary ones!). In his obituary, my mother said "Remember a gentleman from a gentler time." I think that sums it up.
On Saturday, a neighbour had an extra ticket for the Michael Buble concert at the Bi-Lo Centre. Her mother was willing to look after Isabelle, so I went for some adult time. I admit I don't know much about Michael Buble - that he sings the standards, has had a couple of his own hits songs and dates one of the women from "The Devil Wears Prada" (apparently that's over now). I was not prepared for his coarseness. He was clearly well under the influence at the start of the show, which was opened by Naturally Seven. I not sure what I expected but it was hard to figure out what was an act to live up to the record company's marketing, what was drugs/alcohol and what was Michael Buble. During "Home", pictures of Greenville were shown on the big screen, although I was thinking of a different home (there were a few Canadian flags in the crowd!). The crowd seemed to love it and he is a great singer, but the best part was spending time with a new friend.

Sunday, since both Isabelle and I had a restless night, I decided to check out Paris Mountain State Park in hopes that on the drive home Isabelle would have a nap. We didn't get to see to much of the park but did a short walk around the lake. It was hotter than I expected and I probably should have aimed for something else a little further into the mountains to provide Maggie some respite from the heat. On the way home, Isabelle did fall asleep - which was good for everyone.


Anonymous said...

A loving tribute to Grumpy...well done.


Anonymous said...

What lovely pictures of Grumpy, and words so well expressed.


Bon said...

i'm really, really late...but your grandfather sounds like a fine, fine man. and the Halifax explosion...wow. sounds like you will miss him and remember him always.