Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I had intended to write this blog faithfully - letting everyone know about our adventures in South Carolina and chronicling our experiences for others. As it turns out, I am about as good at that as writing thank you notes, organizing my stamp stuff and keeping up with friends - in other words...hopeless.

Obviously, we made it back to SC after almost a month in Nova Scotia in July and here it is the eve of October.

We have discovered lots of things in that time:

So, that is some of what has been filling our time for that last little while. Paul has been posting about some of our other activities, so be sure to check out his blog. Of course each of these things has more of a story so - as time allows - I will try to fill you in.

Also, I will try to be a bit better about updates but make no promises!


Anonymous said...

You are NOT hopeless, my dear...your phone call last night was a much-appreciated, thoughtful gift and it meant a lot. I love the way you posted (using point form)...great way to get lots of info in there. And the pic is wonderful. As far as the frequency of your posts, who cares??? Makes them all the sweeter when they do appear!
Taryn xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane: I understand your not getting info posted. I haven't had much time to read them lately. (Municipal Election time).
I do enjoy reading what you have been up to. You make things sound just wonderful. I am finally going to be a grandmother of twins in late Dec. or early Jan. There will be a boy and a girl so this will probably be it and they will be in British Columbia so I won't get to see them as much as I would like. Isabelle is just as sweet as ever and she certainly has grown.
Thanks for letting me in on your blogs.


D said...

Love that picture