Friday, June 27, 2008


For those of you who follow Paul's blog, you will have read that I had my first encounter with the American medical system last week. In all the stress and sleepless nights, my body decided to succumb to another infection - nothing serious but enough for me to want to see a doctor.

The first question was how to find a doctor. I didn't want to start interviewing people for a permanent position, I just wanted this infection treated sooner than later. Paul called a coworker who told me about Doctors Care. I called one nearby and, yes, I could just arrive without an appointment so off Isabelle and I went. Once we cleared up that I understood that I had to pay and have Paul's medical plan reimburse us, I was seen within a few minutes. The doctor was a little concerned when he realized I didn't have a spleen and wanted to order blood work but I reassured him it wasn't necessary and that, yes, I would visit an emergency department if my symptoms worsened. So he sent me off with a prescription and a tip that Publix grocery stores fill prescriptions for some antibiotics for free

Total cost - $115 for the visit and one test - antibiotics free (OK, I bought 2L of ice cream while I waited...)


Anonymous said...

So the question is: is user pay better than publically funded?
And: was the icecream good?

D said...

You bought the ice cream while you waited, but did you eat it???

Hope things are looking up.

Anonymous said...

I hear ice cream is medication to some people. Yesterday, I got a good dose of Triple Chocolate Brownie. I feel much better today. :D