Monday, June 23, 2008

More Adventures

Thursday morning we were on the go early - we found the Bodum and kettle so we could make coffee for Taryn figuring if she was going to entertain the girl while we unpacked we better treat her well! Anyway, our mover arrived right on time and began to get us unpacked. We had him unpack most of the glassware and dishes and found a few key pieces then sent him on his way since he unpacked faster than we could put away!

Taryn and I then went off to Bi-Lo for groceries leaving Isabelle and Maggie with Paul while he got ready to go to work for 1pm. An hour in a huge new grocery store is not enough. We got the basics and some extras - Goober Grape!

The next four days were a blur. I know having Taryn here was a huge help since we could pop out and leave Maggie and Isabelle here. Taryn and I also had a trip to Target, well two actually! Thursday night we walked around downtown Greenville. It is amazing how much it has changed since I was last here. Reedy River Park is beautiful, there are tons of people, and dogs, around just enjoying the atmosphere.
Friday, we checked out a doggie day care which seemed OK - not a lot of outdoor space but then again it is too hot here now to be outside for long. Paul got home from work early and we jumped in the car headed for Georgia to check another state off Taryn's list. Saturday we headed to the state farmers market and the downtown market - I will admit I was a little disappointed but realize we are spoiled by the Wolfville Market. Also, a lot of produce in the grocery store is marketed as being local so maybe that demand is being met by the stores?? The downtown market was fun and we looked at some of the stores as well including Paul's favorite - Mast General Store and Michelin on Main. We had lunch on the patio of the Overlook Grill - dogs were permitted - they even got big dishes of water! After lunch, Taryn and I went to look at the Michelin stuff at Michelin on Main and Paul took Isabelle to the water part of the park to cool her down. The rest of us cooled down with an ice cream from the Marble Slab Creamery. It had to be the best butter pecan ice cream I have ever had! Later, Paul and I went to get Maggie a kennel as part of the new regime. She has never been keen to be in a kennel but bringing her in the car here is not an option.
Sunday, we went north to the mountains we stopped at Caesars Head State Park and drove a small section of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I was determined that Taryn see some of it and since we missed it on the trip south. It was a beautiful as the last time and I can't wait to see more. We didn't make it to Asheville but we had to leave something for Taryn's next visit - if we didn't completely turn her off three year olds! We did go to the North Carolina Arboretum for a picnic . It has expanded since Paul and I visited a few years ago and is just as nice. This time the quilt garden was in bloom so we got the full effect.

Sunday night brought dark ominous skies once again and Taryn and I sat outside watching the lightning in the distance. The strange thing was we couldn't hear any thunder even though it seemed quite close. We also didn't get any rain.

Monday morning we had to say goodbye to Taryn. I couldn't have done the trip without her - she was an amazing driving companion and has several new skills to add to her resume, including navigator, recreation director, entertainment manager, nutritional coordinator and psychologist. I would do the trip with Taryn anytime, I think we worked really well together.


Anonymous said...

Jane, you have done an amazing job describing our adventure! Thank you-I am using it for my Adventure Album :)
It was a fabulous trip to be sure, and I am glad that I was able to help you out. Aren't you glad you joked about the possibility of me going that day we wnet for a walk at the Station??? I know I am!


PS-There were too many funny moments and wonderful things to be turned off by three year olds! They are still my favourite (until Isabelle turns 4!).

Jill said...

Hi Jane,
Anyone who has Taryn for a friend is truly blessed. Glad that the four of you had such a positive adventure.