Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 3 - Portland, ME to Vernon, CT 302 km

Monday morning I had to fax some paperwork to the mover so I headed to Office Max while Taryn stayed at the motel with Isabelle. Luckily, Office Max is conveniently located next to Tim Horton's so I stopped to get a medium coffee and hot chocolate. What they handed me was more like a large, my jaw dropped and the Tim's guy asked where in Canada I was from - turns out he was from outside Saint John and he knew by the look on my face that I was used to smaller mediums.

Then we loaded the car and headed down the road to Kittery - we had each picked 5 stores we wanted to see which, in the end, was good since we hit a heat wave and we couldn't leave Maggie in the car for very long. I picked up a few things and discovered that Taryn has a shoe addiction, well, I would too if I didn't have a 3 year old to buy for! After Kittery we made a quick stop in NH for groceries and beverages and headed down the road to Vernon, CT. There was no logic to the stop, we just reached it at the right time and found a hotel which took dogs. Even in the evening it was too hot to go out for dinner and leave Maggie in the car so we just ordered pizza in and rested for a big day ahead.

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