Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our Neighbourhood

Did you know that one of shops in our neighbourhood was in the finals for La Meilleure Boulangerie de France last year. It is hard living so close to a shop full of wonderful bread, desserts and the most delicious waffles I have ever had. And then, they make these crackers covered with cheese and poppy die for! I wonder if he would share the recipe before we move?

Of course, that is not the only boulangerie nearby. Plus, there are bookstores, clothing stores, flower shops, an asian market, a small grocery store and lots of restaurants and pubs all within walking distance (I am talking 5 to 10 minutes - something many Greenvillians couldn't even imagine!)
Here are a few of the sights on the way to school - and the milk vending machine, just put in your money and fill your milk bottle or, if you don’t have your own milk bottle you can buy one there - glass or plastic! It is straight from the farm, unpasteurized milk with the cream which floats to the top.

One of 4 bookstores within about a 5 minute walk.

The Milk Machine

The Obelisque with the Post Office behind on the right and McDo across the street on the left. 

Another Boulangerie! On the left-hand side you can just see the giant meringues through the window.

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