Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Day in Dijon

We have had a busy few weeks – Isabelle had a 2 week school break, yes, she had 2 weeks of school here before her first vacation, pretty sweet!  The first week Paul was working and there was a swim camp at the Centre Nautique every morning with an 1 1/2 of swimming and a couple hours of another activity before finishing at noontime. The second week started with a trip to Dijon. We needed a few things for our guestroom because our first houseguests were expected.

In Dijon, Isabelle spied owl markers on the ground so we went to the Office de Tourisme to get a map of the walking tour. I must say these walking tours are great – Isabelle acts as tour guide and searches for the next marker and we get to see the city without too much ‘are we there yet’ or ‘my feet are tired’. Anyway, Dijon is beautiful and will require a few more visits but here are a few pictures to tempt our potential guests.

Multicoloured roofs are typical of Dijon

A Grand Post Office

We haven’t been to Paris yet so Isabelle was pretty excited to see Dijon’s version of the Arc de Triomphe

A pretty park and a polar bear – you never know what you might find!

Lots of churches

Interesting architectural elements – the sagging beam!

Interesting little streets and grand plazas

Lessons in Adaptive Reuse – a church/abbey/cathedral until from the 5th C until 1792; then a wheat hall/trading hall/Chamber of Trade and Industry until 2008; now an arts centre and municipal library

Signs of Spring – more tourists and spring blossoms

The famous Dijon cat which goes with the owl

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