Friday, January 22, 2010

Margaret Wise Brown in Greenville

Well, not really. For those of you wondering who Margaret Wise Brown is  - remember that gentle book of a little bunny going to bed with the simple illustrations by Clement Hurd. File:Goodnightmoon.jpgWe read it to Isabelle almost every night for the first couple years and as she grew older she loved to look for the mice hidden throughout the book.

In downtown Greenville, nine bronze mice have been hidden – high and low – which is great entertainment for Isabelle. The original project has been supplemented by a book and t-shirts. We always look for the mice but until Dawn visited earlier this month we had never gone downtown with the express purpose of finding all the mice. We printed the hints for finding the mice from the Mice on Main website and headed downtown. Isabelle found all 9, with a few hints – even some from Maggie who seemed particularly good at finding them.

Now, you may notice Isabelle’s attire. Dawn visited South Carolina for 10 days (both in Greenville and on the coast) and it was freezing while she was here. And I don’t mean the “I have moved to the south and can’t remember what cold is” kind of cold. I MEAN COLD – it was actually colder here than in Nova Scotia while she was here! The downtown fountains were even frozen – I didn’t get a pictures but Dawn did so maybe she will send me one to post (hint, hint).

Now we are back to more normal temps and even had a picnic on Monday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)!

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