Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girl’s Night Out

Since we are home in Nova Scotia, I thought I would see who we could see while we are home – funny, some of our favorite bands/singers don’t seem to have Greenville, SC on their tour schedules!

Anyway, Port Hawkesbury has a free concert series on Sunday nights called Granville Green and tonight Lennie Gallant was playing. I know Paul was disappointed that he would miss it but he promised Isabelle I would take her so off we went.

Andrew White from New Zealand opened. He was good but played perhaps a few too many instrumentals to hold Isabelle’s attention and she was ready for the main attraction. Lennie played for about two hours, I think. Songs from every album including his new one – “If We Had A Fire”. My memory isn’t good enough to give a set list but he played Peter’s Dream, Voulez-vous Danser, Pull of the Fundy Tide, Which Way Does the River Run, Man of Steel, Meet Me at the Oasis, I want to Save the World for You and 47 Angels. OK, I cheated a bit and looked at my CDs…

We stayed to the bitter end and Isabelle got him to sign the new CD for her. There were even fireworks in Mulgrave, across the Strait.

All in all, a good night, Isabelle fell asleep on the drive home. The only downside was that Maggie had to stay in the car – no dogs allowed at Granville Green :(P7193088 P7193094 P7193098 P7193102 P7193104 P7193110


Taryn said...

Love shots 1 and 4!

Wow are amassing quite a collection of signed CDs :)

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