Friday, July 31, 2009


As some of you know, Isabelle will be celebrating her 5th birthday at the end of August so Paul and I have been discussing what to do for her party. Let me begin by saying that birthday parties are on a whole different level in Greenville, the hot dogs and hamburgers with a few games in the backyard just doesn’t seem to be done here. Also, guidelines like inviting the kids whose parties Isabelle was invited to or only as many guests as she is old don’t seem to be the norm here either.

Since Isabelle’s birthday is in the summer, we have done different things – family at home for #1, family at Oaklawn Farm Zoo for #2, a kayak trip and camping with friends for #3, and last year Paul and I took her on an overnight trip to Columbia, SC to visit the Children’s Museum and Riverbanks Zoo. We also try et the three amigos whose birthdays are within 2 weeks together. In other words, we avoided the whole thing.

In the last year, Isabelle has been to several birthday parties at bouncy play places, horse riding parks, and a private kids party space complete with dress-up clothes, video games and ball room. Isabelle had so much fun at every party that each week she seems to want to do something different for her birthday.P4190023 P4180003 P5092290 P5302666When we started looking into the options, by the time we figured in the cost of the facility plus food, cake and loot bags we were looking at a significant investment. I read some comments on an internet forum about people spending the better part of $1000 on a first birthday party. Maybe I am too practical but the way I figure it in 18 years that $1000 could go a long way towards a year a college.

In the past, Isabelle has chosen veggies over cake, yes I have witnesses. So, one thing I did want to do was to bring/choose our own food/cake so that I could serve things Isabelle likes but most places either provide food, usually pizza, or restrict it to only dry things i.e. chips.

We finally decided on venue and guest list, Isabelle knows what they are doing but I don’t think it has sunk in entirely. Check back in a few weeks to see what we decided. Now, what will we put in the loot bags???

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