Friday, June 19, 2009

New Phone Number

I thought it would be easy but it wasn’t. For the sake of a cheap dinner out a month and weaning the girl from her TV habit, we decided to drop cable TV and switch phone and internet carriers. I didn’t really have any issues with our carrier (although lots of people complain about Charter) but when our introductory offer expired and we were paying $35 more a month I agreed to drop cable  and join Netflix.

The initial arrangements seemed easy but Thursday when I called to find out where our new modem was ATT said they hadn’t sent it because Charter hadn’t released our old phone number – Charter claimed ATT hadn’t asked for it. A good 2 hours on the phone and long story short, our cable and internet has been turned off and ATT wouldn’t be able to get us up and running with the same phone number until the 29th. I need my internet! So we agreed to get a new number which we are told will work Friday but when I asked when we would get the modem they couldn’t get one to us until the 29th! So we went out tonight and bought our own modem – now the question is will it work?? Another question…when the girl is sassy, what can I do since there is no TV to take away, or blame it on!

I have e-mailed a a bunch of people our new number, if I missed you, my apologies, send me an e-mail and I will send it to you.

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