Monday, June 1, 2009

A Few Pictures of Savannah

Isabelle and I recently went to Savannah, Georgia for a long weekend with my parents while Paul was away on a business trip. Maggie had a holiday at a nearby by boarding kennel (she had a wonderful time by all accounts).

Savannah was great! We stayed in the historic district which was designed in 1733 with 24 squares of which 22 remain intact. The historic district was very walkable and we sure put on the miles, even Isabelle was a trooper with all the walking.

Here are a few details from around the historic district.

P5242469 P5232394 P5232403 P5232404 P5232405 P5232407 P5232412 P5232421 P5242428 P5242441


Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome place


Taryn said...

Be-you-tif-ful! Lovely shots, Jane. So glad you enjoyed it!