Thursday, February 19, 2009

Texas Bound

I am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Dallas, Texas! I am excited! Granted, I am not going to see a lot of Texas. I am off to AmeriStamp Expo so will likely spend most of my weekend at the stamp show. Plus, I am going to be Arlington which sounds like it is just the strip between Dallas and Fort Worth so I could probably be just about anywhere in urban America.

So why am I going to this show? Well, after the show in Atlanta in the fall, I was invited to put together a one-frame exhibit (16-8.5x11 pages) as part of a team. Over the last few months, I have redone my Milford House postcard exhibit to fit in one frame. It was hard since even as I put the exhibit together I found a card from 1902 predating my former earliest card by 2 years.

My teammates are members of a group called “Women Exhibitors” (WE) which is focused on encouraging more women collectors to exhibit. The name of our team – Not Grumpy Old Men.

Last weekend, we were at a friend’s house and I was asked about my collection – the usual why and what do I collect. I gave a short answer, not wanting to bore my audience but Paul kept adding things in – I am really lucky he is so supportive of my odd hobby.

Oh, and don’t worry the crowd at home will do fine without me for a few days – it may be a much needed change for everyone!

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Taryn said...

Texas! How exciting! Have a great time!