Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A glimpse of Beaujolais Country

May has been filled with adventures because the girl has a total of 9 school days this month between a late Easter vacation and state and church holidays. On Thursday, we ventured into Beaujolais country - first, to a brocante where the pickings were slim but the girl found a copy of “Cheaper by the Dozen” in French - the 1940s book not the Steve Martin movie.

From there we went to find a series of geocaches which toured through the different regions of Beaujolais.

The highlight of the afternoon was seeing this parcel of vineyard - the only one with trees and the only one with wild roses planted at the end of the rows. In the vineyards here, an entire field is not necessarily owned by one viticulteur but the ownership can be row by row. This is especially important at harvest time since they must be careful not to harvest somebody else's grapes.

And here is a close-up of the star of the show! It is too bad I don't know which wine this is because they take as much care with the wine as they do the vineyard, it must be pretty good wine. We had a great day out and finished the caches just before the rain started - and this was just day one of a four day weekend.