Friday, April 5, 2013

One Week

Well, we have been here one week, one full action packed week!

Isabelle has had a swim meet and is signed up for a week of swim camp for the first week of vacances. She also started school - an easy week since Monday was a holiday and she won't have school on Wednesdays at all. It seems to be going well - not much homework and what there is is mostly review for her. She has made friends but I think she is missing her old classmates - one of the boys was teasing her on the first day and she is not used to boys teasing her.

The walk to school seems to be doing us both good - not quite 15 minutes one way with a couple of busy intersections. Isabelle has really progressed this week in terms of streets smarts. She is much better about paying attention to her surroundings and traffic. It probably helps that they are also working on it in school - some sort of 'permis pietons' which has grabbed her.

I managed to fill the week unpacking boxes, rearranging drawers and bookshelves, and wandering around our neighborhood just discovering what there is to see. I am back to cooking for just two this week - which was hard enough to motivate myself to do in Greenville for two meals a day but now having lunch too - it is an adjustment. I will have to get Isabelle to give me some suggestions - I keep coming back to eggs.

I think I am already missing the half-day on Wednesdays, we aren't used to spending the whole day together! This week there was a big swim meet for teenagers so we went to watch - it was really interesting to see the differences from the meets in SC.

This weekend we are planning a little drive to Macon just south of us - there happens to be a stamp show! We will probably stop at a few shops - it is interesting, there is not much that we brought that I think 'oh, we didn't need to bring that' (except for some things which were meant for storage but came anyway!) but there are a couple of things I think would have been useful - the second blanket chest (would be great storage in Isabelle's room) and the piano stool. Why the piano stool you ask - well, the first thing I was invited to was a group who gets together once a week to learn to re-upholster furniture. Now I need a little project.

So, that is the week it was - bring on the weekend!

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