Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 2 - Off to a Running Start

Well, again, not really, since I had to poke the girl after she had slept for 14 hours. She was a little slow to wake up but after some breakfast and a little tv she was raring to go. She unpacked part of a box of her clothes and then we were off the market since Paul was at work for the morning.

The Friday market is a 5 minute walk from the apartment, and we found everything from veggies to shoes to books. It was a little chilly - with some flurries in the air but with Isabelle we managed to buy some vegetables, fruit and salmon. I am amazed by how much French I understand - thank goodness for all of my language classes over the last 4 years on the parking of EFB!

Paul arrived home from work at noontime - not a usual occurrence but we were going to visit Isabelle's new school which about a 10 minute walk from the apartment. We signed lots of papers and Isabelle was able to visit her new classroom and meet some her classmates - who seemed very anxious to meet her. We also meet her teacher who seems nice but I think may be wondering about Isabelle's competence in French. I think her worries may be alleviated on Tuesday when Isabelle goes for her first day with all other cahiers from EFB.

After the visit we walked home (I love all this walking!) and picked up the car to go to the huge Carrefour grocery store (more like the Superstore on Joseph Howe, for the Haligonians) on the other side of the river. We had a stop to make on the way though - the swimming pool! We spoke with some of the swim team staff and joining the team isn't quite as easy as we thought but they seemed very positive. She has to go to swim school to learn a little of five disciplines (diving, synchro, water polo, swimming with fins and snorkel and swimming) before taking a test where she must pass three after that she has to do another test (a technically correct 100m individual medley) to make the team. But they seemed to think she could try for the pass to make the team in June. They also want to see her swim - so she is scheduled to swim for them Saturday morning (yes, today!)

Then, we were off to Carrefour which, on the Friday afternoon of a long weekend was crazy. Isabelle went through the store and had as many samples as she could! I found just about everything I wanted but Peter may want to BYO-PB when he come to visit since I could only find a tiny jar.

After Carrefour, we visited with the family of a colleague of Paul who shared some good advice, some names of stores and invited me to a workshop she goes to do upholstery. Oh and we even found a babysitter!

After a long day, we opted for our neighborhood pizza and called it a night. So far so good!!!!!

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