Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The dog

Maggie has found the move a little more difficult. It is very hot here - although better this week than last. She likes the yard and I like that I can just open the back door for her to come in or go out. This week we went to the vet. Here, dogs are not registered at the city/county but at the vet and it is not mandatory. In fact, it doesn't even get her a tag - so in the end she got another rabies shot which gets her a tag from the vet (on the off chance she decided to take a runner).

The main part of the visit was to get flea, tick and heartworm treatment. Like Nova Scotia, lyme disease isn't a huge problem here but it is in the mountains so since we plan on doing some hiking we thought is was important. Also, heartworm is a big concern here year-round.

All and all the visit went well, they gave her a good going over and found no big concerns - although they do want her to have her nails cut back and say the only way to do it is by putting her under. Paul is going to work at her nails for a bit and see if we can get them under control before we resort to that.

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Taryn said...

Oh, Maggie. You poor dear. You are such a trooper!

Oh, Isabelle. You little cutie, you. I too, fell asleep with the light on many times after "just one more chapter..."

Oh Jane. You wonderful friend. Can't wait to meet up at Milford House!